Kate Ferris

Kate Ferris conducts the concert and jazz bands at Village and serves as the Specialist Lead Teacher. She is a member of the Boston Symphony Orchestra’s Educator Advisory Council, teaches woodwinds at Endicott College, and is the Jazz Council Chair for the Massachusetts Music Educators Association.

Ms. Ferris holds a Bachelor of Music with a concentration in Music Education from Berklee College of Music, and a Masters of Music in Music Education with concentrations in instrumental pedagogy and music cognition from Northwestern University. Previous teaching experiences include teaching in- strumental and vocal music in Ipswich and Salem, MA, Chicago, and Boston.

In addition to performing and recording with contemporary music groups around New England, Ms. Ferris is active with many community music groups and firmly believes in access of performing opportunities for all. During summers, Ms. Ferris is busy being a sailing instructor, helping run the Salem Jazz & Soul Festival, and performing music all over New England!

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