Village School

The Village School has many performing arts offerings for upper elementary school students, such as orchestra, strings, band, chorus, and theater. To learn more about the performing arts programs at the Village School, follow the links below.

3rd Grade String Program

Students attend a 45-minute group lesson one day a week, after school, in the Village Orchestra room. Instruments available to learn include the violin, viola, and cello. Lessons are held on Tuesday or Thursday afternoons. Students will learn the basics of left hand and bow hold technique and will perform in 3 concerts during the school year.

Village Chorus
Chorus is for kids who enjoy singing, want to sing in a group and want to get better at singing.

Choral students have the opportunity to audition for the Northeast District Treble Chorus (grades 4 and 5), Massachusetts All-State Treble Chorus (grades 4, 5, and 6) and Northeast Junior District Music Festival (6th grade boys only). These extracurricular opportunities meet after school.

Village Orchestra
Village Orchestra is designed to prepare string players with the skills and techniques necessary to be successful in Marblehead’s other orchestras. Students in the orchestra have the option of learning the violin, viola, cello, or double bass. Orchestra students have the opportunity to perform a variety of musical styles! The orchestra has many performance opportunities including the All-Strings Concert …which features string players in grades 3-12 performing on the same stage! Lessons are required for all orchestra members. The orchestra rehearses during each grade’s EDU block.

Village Band
Village Band is designed to prepare woodwind, brass, and percussionists with the skills and techniques necessary to be successful in Marblehead’s other bands. The band plays a variety of music including marches, jazz, rock and roll, blues, famous theme songs, and classical music. If you join band you will be in several concerts including the Spring Concert, Holiday Pops Concert, and many others! Band includes instrument lessons during the school day as well as an ensemble rehearsal each week during your EDU time. Students who are active in the band and orchestra program also have the option of joining our extra-curricular Jazz Band. Band rehearses during each grade’s EDU block. For more info, visit the Band website.

Instrumental Music Lessons
Instrument Lessons occur once a week, during the student’s general music class, for 45 minutes. Lessons are offered to 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students who are enrolled in Band or Orchestra. Lessons will develop fundamental elements of playing the various woodwind, brass, percussion, and string instruments. Students will develop skills in music reading, rehearsing, practicing, and performing both as soloists and in the ensemble setting. Lessons are designed to be interesting and helpful for each particular student to ensure his or her progress and success.

Village Jazz Band
Jazz Band is an audition-based extracurricular music program for participating band and orchestra students which provides an opportunity for students to develop technical performance skills and to expand their knowledge and understanding of music. Music styles include jazz, popular rock, and Big Band swing. The Jazz Band is an extracurricular ensemble and rehearses on Thursday afternoons from October-June. For more info, visit the Band website.

Solo and Duet Concerts
The Solo & Duet Recital Series is an opportunity for all students at Village School to show their musical talents -whether on an instrument or vocally. Students participate in an audition, individualized coaching sessions with the Village music faculty, practice stage and microphone technique in the dress rehearsal, and perform in an evening recital on the Village stage.

Village Musical
Every year, Village School puts up a musical featuring students from all grades. This is an after-school commitment that allows students to come together to put on a show for the community. The Musical is an extracurricular ensemble and rehearses on Monday & Thursday afternoons from November-March. For more info, visit the Theatre website.

Theater in Motion
The theater class at Village explores various aspects of theater arts from improvisation to memorized performance, using theater games and activities designed to get students up and moving. This class is not a requirement for the Village School Musical and will not affect the casting of the show. Theater in Motion rehearses during the 4th grade and 6th grade EDU blocks.

Village Chamber Group
The MVMS Orchestra is open to all continuing string students in the 7th and 8th Grade. Throughout the course of the year, students prepare for three concerts in which they demonstrate the honing of skills they have learned at Village, and the addition of more advanced skills that will help them prepare for membership in the MHS Orchestra.

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